Classic Cars

We preserve the past

In the classics workshop, we bring all the necessary care to the cars of yesterday: from the exchange of parts, through the renovation of the bodywork and upholstery, to the complete restoration. Your car will not only regain its original appearance, but will also become dynamically perfect.


Whether it's the exterior or interior of your vehicle, we'll give it a shine detail after detail.

Whether it's a simple maintenance or a complete restoration, your old car will be at home in good hands. Our goal is to make it dynamic and reliable to allow you to participate in regularity rally or circuit outputs. Or go for a walk in the mountains.

So, according to your needs and your budget, we will give him the necessary care. And as for parts, we can either obtain them from our network of supplier partners, or manufacture them ourselves!


precision. Unmatched, to perfection

From a simple touch up to the complete painting of your vehicle: we adapt to your needs and your desires. You can also entrust us with the control and expertise of the lacquer and its thickness. If necessary, we will sanding to the sheet metal, the required repairs, then the complete painting of your car. Your body will be as originally!


Whether it's the exterior or interior of your vehicle, we'll give it a shine detail after detail.

Do you prefer that your original leather look new, or that your new upholstery has an old look? Choose the type of leather, its quality, color and even the color of the topstitching. Its design. Whether it's repairing your leather or putting on a new one, the possibilities in terms of the final look are endless.



Whether it is a long-standing passion or a form of investment of the moment, we will accompany you in the realization of your dream, that of owning an old car. It is by listening to its noises, feeling its vibrations and studying each of its details, that we will achieve complete control of your dream car. We will communicate to you in all transparency our estimate of its value and the work to be done, so that you make a decision in the serenity. And once the car is purchased, we will accompany you in the administrative procedures related to importation, certification and expertise. We can also prepare it for a veteran expertise, a guarantee of its quality. As for cars that have kept all their authentic parts, we will involve an expert who can issue you a FIVA passport, which is an authentication of old vehicles at the international level.

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