Atelier & Services


In our workshop we bring all the necessary care to the cars of yesteryear: from the exchange of parts, through the renovation of the bodywork and upholstery, to the complete restoration. Your car will not only regain its original appearance, but will also become dynamically perfect.We treat old cars of all brands, taking care to preserve their authenticity.


Whether it’s the exterior or interior of your vehicule, we will take care of all details.

Whether it is a regular maintenance check or a complete restoration, our objective is to make your car dynamic and reliable to allow you to participate in rallies or circuits races, or to go for a walk in the mountains.


Precision. Unmatched, to perfection

From a simple bodywork retouching to the complete painting of your vehicle: we adapt to your needs to meet your desires.


Whether it's the exterior or interior of your vehicle, we'll give it a shine detail after detail.

Do you prefer an original leather looking new, or vintage? Choose the type of leather, its quality, its color and even the color of the topstitching. Whether it's a leather care or putting on a new one, meet your desires as the possibilities are endless.



Our atelier mainly deals with current vehicles up to 30 years of age. Beyond repairing your car, we carry out a series of care to maintain it. We can adjust its geometry, calibrate its chassis and prepare or modify it to perform circuit races. In addition, thanks to our cooperation with Swissvax, we can give your car a thorough makeover with a detailed cleaning service of the exterior and interior.

We also carry out all necessary controls and procedures for import, certification and expertise.

Our Concierge services

The Rebellion Motors team is conscientious, at your service and fully dedicated to give the best answer to your needs. Let our caretakers take care of your vehicle from A to Z (from your garage to his return).

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