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About us

In our garage REBELLION Motors, we take care of Modern, Classics and Racing vehicules, whatever their brand or origin. Learn more about us and the services we can offer you.


A long-time passion, old cars no longer have secrets for us. Benefit from our expertise to restore yours.

At our Classics Atelier, we provide all the necessary care for obscure cars: from the spare parts, through the renovation of the bodywork and saddlery, to the complete restoration. We can also assist you in the realization of your dream, that of owning an old car through the necessary research and veteran expertise. We do old cars of all brands, taking care to preserve their authenticity.



Our certifications Maserati, Singer, TVR, Zenvo, and Ferrari, prove we are demanding and ensure the maintenance of all your vehicles. Italian, German or American cars, new or second-hand cars: there is something for everyone.

racing cars

Whether it's the exterior or interior of your vehicle, we'll give it a shine detail after detail.

Beyond repairing your vehicle, we carry out a series of tests and treatments to maintain it. So we can adjust its geometry, calibrate its chassis and prepare or modify it to perform circuit races.



Whether it is a long-standing passion or a form of investment of the moment, we will accompany you in the realization of your dream, that of owning an old, racing or modern car. It is by listening to its noises, feeling its vibrations and studying each of its details, that we will achieve complete control of your dream car. We will communicate to you in all transparency our estimate of its value and the work to be done, so to make a decision more serenely. Once the car is purchased, we will accompany you in the administrative procedures related to your vehicule’s importation, its certification and expertise. We can also prepare your car for a veteran expertise, a guarantee of its quality. As for cars that have kept all their authentic parts, we will involve an expert who can issue you a FIVA passport, and international authentication of old vehicules.

Brand Partners

We provide service and maintenance of vehicles of these brands according to the manufacturer's requirements. For your comfort, we can also prepare them for the expertise.